Fairplay ZX Fleet KCCA0004-0027 Installing the Curtis 1266 Upgrade

Ben Matthews

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2008 Fairplay ZX fleet KCCA0004-0027 - I have purchased and started installing the Curtis 1266 upgrade. Instructions say remove the 5 molex connectors. mine only has 4 because it looks like J4 melted away. The only wiring diagrams I can find only show 4 molex connectors plugged in. Does anyone know what J4 is? I have seen a few people on here do the same conversion from same cart as me. I cant find any pics of the original. Can anyone help with that as well? Thanks


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I would be curious as to what you have that may help? I have the same motor controller in my Fairplay and it does not go very fast (10mph?) so looking to double the speed. Did the upgrade help you?


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I honestly haven't done much with the cart since I got it. I'll roll back around to it from time to time. Couldn't get the plate off the bottom to check the pedal switch, but found the wire in the battery box. Couldn't remember exactly how to test it, so I went with voltage. It made the needle move, so I assumed it was doing something at least. In my infinite wisdom, I tried to test the motor but didn't disconnect the controller. I realized something was wrong when the wheels didn't move, but the controller let some smoke out. So that was exciting šŸ¤£. Still have no idea why I was getting 48v to the small terminals of the solenoid when I first got it and before all of this troubleshooting it went to 3.7v.


Ben I believe J4 is the 5 wire connector from the throttle box to the harness on cart. You have to find one of the wires and swap it on the battery if I remember. It has been a year or so since I did one of these upgrades.