Fairplay Legacy Deluxe


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Just picked up a new 09 Fairplay Legacy Deluxe cart and wanted to spread the word on how happy I am with it. After owning many other brands in the past, I was a bit reluctant to try a brand I wasn’t very familiar with, but after driving one at a show I was very impressed. It is very responsive, acceleration and handling are both great. The Curb appeal of the cart is also great, the paint finish is top notch and the dash looks fantastic, the Carbon Fiber finish was a great touch. Looking under the seat they use a six 8-volt battery configuration, which I feel is better, you get more amp hours giving you more longevity per charge. To anyone out there that has seen this brand and was a bit reluctant to give it a chance, take another look, you will be pleasantly surprised with their newly redesigned car.


Congrats on the new Fairplay cart. I've heard the new ones are a lot better than the older models. Feel free to post some pictures and keep us updated on the the cart holds up...