Fairplay Electric Throttle Sensor


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Hi friends, new here. I have a question.
Are all the throttle sensors on golf carts the same? If I'm ordering an EZGO throttle sensor and putting it instead of a Fairplay sensor, will it work? I mean, they are the same dimensions. Same question about the speed sensor on the motor.


If the output is the same it should work. It's going to depend on what input the Fairplay controller uses. Can you post the make and model number of the controller? Welcome to the forum. :hattip:


Buggies Unlimited sells them, it is the complete box assembly that fits under the floor on the Fairplay. Just remove the foot arm and attach the rod like your old one is. It is already set up for the 0-5000 ohms. I think you have to disable one of the wires at the wiring plug because FP only uses 4 wires and the fifth wire is disconnected.