Fairplay Charger


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I have a 2009 (3 month out of warranty) ZX Model 5.5 Electric Golf cart.
So far the passenger side spindle arm cracked in half right at the bolt, about a $57. part with shipping and my labor and alignment. A bit of a surprise, but fixable.

Now I have a "Red Fault" lamp lit on my second battery charger. My first one blew a fuse under warranty, which the dealer replaced at 7 months. This charger, blew a fuse several months ago and I replaced it with the same value. Now some months later, the charger goes through the test/eval cycle, starts to charge and then flips to the red fault light.

I called an online Fairplay dealer, as my original dealer is out of business (man I hate that), and he said there were no user serviceable parts and a replacement charger would be $510.

The charger is made by Kinetek Controls, is a Model KCCA 0069 and for a Fairplay ZX Model 5.5 Electric Cart at 48 volts.

Does anyone know of a repair service for these?


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You need to call Fairplay Cars at 970-257-0346 and talk to Tech. I believe there is a updated replacement available under warranty . Fairplay has made Kinetek warranty out those poorly made chargers as long as there is no signs of abuse ie: dents and cut up cords or signs you drove off with the charger plugged in.