Factory Light Wires?


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Does a 2008 Precedent 48V have factory light wires running somewhere in the system? I had the dealer install head and tail lights but no turn or brake lights. Looking at the back of the RT tail light, there's a loom with red, white and brown wires leading to the light. The red and white are connected to the light unit and there's a black (or dark brn) wire not connected to anything. The brn wire in the loom has a blue butt connector on it but it's not connected to anything. A test light, grounded at the battery, has no juice to the butt connected wire. I was hoping it was a brake wire but I guess not. Is there a brake light switch factory mounted somewhere? Also, I can see the amber turn bulb in the front headlight unit and I'm guessing the led lights in the rear may be a turn/brake light. Maybe for the unconnected light if I had a turn signal switch.
Sorry this is so long but I wanted to get as much info in it as possible.

Thank You.


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i,m not 100% certain and maybe someone knows for sure but i think yes it does.............................