EZGO Workhorse Won't Start


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EZGO Workhorse w/ 11HP motor.

Cart was running as of 7/29/08.

Turns over, but won't fire.

Has been serviced by a local cart outfit 3 times since 11/07, and based on receipts, they look like a bunch of incompetent crooks.

11/07 - replaced fuel pump, cleaned carb, adjusted valves, changed oil.
6/08 - tune up - adjusted valves, cleaned carb, installed carb vent lines, new plugs
7/08 - replaced fuel filter, spark plugs, carb, fixed carb linkage & adjusted governor linkage

Plugs were checked & cleaned yesterday.

I drained the gas and put in new gas. Old gas was smelling bad. Still wouldn't fire.

Checked the fuel pump was pumping fuel. It was. Fuel line feeding carb not blocked.

Sprayed starting fluid in the carb. It started and then died. Smelled something. Plastic housing on the carb that the air intake hose attatches to had a puddle of burning starting fluid on it. Blew it out.

Tried again with starting fluid. It started, ran for a couple seconds, then died.

Tried again. More starting fluid than last time. Started, ran 10 seconds or so, then died. Had another burning puddle of starting fluid.

Thoughts (other than to use less starting fluid)?


From what you describe I'd say the carburetor need to be taken apart, cleaned and blew out with compressed air.


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Pulled the carb.
Float bowl was a good 1/4 full of gas crystals.
Cleaned the carb.
Re-installed and it started right up. Runs great.

Now to learn how to maintain it. Is there a service/owners manual for the Robin engine available for download somewhere?