EZGO Workhorse Snowmobile Engine Conversion


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Clutches have to be in a perfectly straight line or you will thro/burn up belts constantly. Once you get everything mounted and squared let me know distance from clutch bolt to clutch bolt!


I don't say much on the technical side of things here, but I'm not likeing what I'm seeing. First, if you don't know how to properly pull the engine, how do you expect me to belive you know how to put the other in correctly? Don't ask me how to fix your belt flipping problem, because I can allready see that your going to create that problem. Secondly, I don't belive your very safety conscious at all. If you did the prep work that you mentioned, then you would have gone to an E-Z-GO dealer and asked about sub frame connectors, swaye bars, stiffer u bolts ect... Had you taken the time to do that, you would have discovered that there is a BOLT ON FRONT AXEL W/ HYDRO. BRAKES.

Did you know that your going to tweak your frame with that engine? Did you realize your going to loose steering control above 50mph unless you do one particular thing? Did you realize those spacers won't help your stability? Thats correct, spacers put all the stress on the studs, so in short order you will be replacing hubs.

I could go one, but it would be pointless. The simple matter of the fact is that your lieing, and I can't stand liers. You give yourself WAY TOO MUCH CREDIT. When you think its a good idea to do something like this as a method to test your skill and increase your learning curve... that translates into "Hell if I know whats gonna happen"!!!!!

The only difference between genius and stupidity is that... Genius has a limit!!!!!



What is the best place to buy v-twin engines from? Isn't there a company that sells swing arms for them? Doesn't a 24hp vanguard swap cost nearly $2000?


Ive been surfing around the net looking at 18hp vanguard engines and I am shocked at the price. Only $799 for a brand new 18hp engine. Its the 3rd one from the bottom for $799.
Why is that one cheaper than the 16hp above it? Would it be more practical than my snowmobile engine? Is anyone using this engine? The only thing is don't they overheat? Where do I find a clutch for it? Does it use the golf carts fuel pump? Any drawbacks to these engines?


Thanks I'll look into it. :cool: Hey those carts look familiar. :D

Man Frank has really stepped up the game. He has a sweet showcase going on. $169 for V-twin motor mounts.


I put my old engine back in today. It went together pretty smooth and only took about 2 hours to get completly back together and running. The only thing is Im not sure I got the carb put back together right. Does the choke holder bracket go directly behind the air box? Also it seemed to be running a little hot after 5 minutes of driving but that might just be normal. You know the two white and red wires that clip on the distributor cap how do I know if I got them mixed up? Would it not start at all? Thanks

Almost forgot I will be selling the snowmobile engine if anyone wants it. Just give me a shout. I need $300 for it and I can get more pics of it.


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This kid is on a death mission.

Give it up Ace! You are obviously not prepared for what lies ahead of you. In a few years, maybe.

Why don't you go build yourself a nice minibike or a go cart. Or better yet, drive your little truck into another pond. But for God's sake, start taking your meds again!


I am convinced this will be a nice power plant for the horse. A 583cc pushing 80hp would just be so cool. Lets say I design a swing arm and have a professional welder build it. Would that be safer? I have a decent idea for a swing arm. I wish I had a welder.

Walkntall, aren't your carts street legal? How'd you do it? Is this pretty much all you have to do? I realize its different for every state but where do you start first? The people at my dmv are air heads. I don't want to talk to them.