EZGO Workhorse Briggs or Honda Engine Conversion


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I have a 2003 EZGO Workhorse with a cab and a electric dump box I bought factory new that I use on my driving range to pick up balls. Last summer the engine started blowing out the oil seal whenever it was under load (picking balls). I replaced the seal 4 times and now it seems I either need to replace the engine with a new 11 hp Robin ($2000) or tear it completely apart and rebuild the old one. The engine has 1900 hours on it.
I'm thinking about replacing the 11 hp engine with a bigger Honda or Briggs and Stratton V-Twin Vanguard. Not for speed, but for more power and durability. The optimum speed for ball picking is around 5 mph, any faster and the balls fly everywhere except in the baskets.
The 11 hp Robins is almost underpowered for this job, but that's what it came with. I can buy a new, larger Honda engine for $1500 (roughly) The new Robin engine is at least $2000 and I'm back with an underpowered unit. Get where I'm going here?
Will this conversion work for what I want it to do? The cart is jacked up with big knobby tires all the way around for traction. When the ball picker is loaded it weighs around 1200lbs. Repair or replace? With what? Thanks Rusty


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Welcome Rusty :hattip:

well the v-twin conversion will sure get the job done. 1500 is the going price for a Honda or Briggs but theres a bit more to it. you need a different drive clutch, yours won't fit. ya need a mount/cradle and will need an exhaust system. $2000 for the ez go engine is high, 1000 to 1600 is the goin' rate. i think the v-twin conversion kits are $2100 plus shipping.
a new or rebuilt 350 and a upgraded clutch spring would save ya some work and 500 bucks over the twins and do what you want, there are 16hp ez go 350's out there also.


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Eric at Radical Golf Carts has them but there not on his website, if you give him a call he can get ya the best deal. tell him nubs told ya to ask, or PM me here and i'll get ya the info. :hattip: