EZGO won't move Failed test 5


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I have a Electric EZGO that doesn't move
I did the tests described on the dcs troubleshooting chart and found there was 0 voltage at terminal 7 in test 5

What does this tell me???



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just looked over the schematic on test 5 and it may be the blue wire comming from the solenoid.
its not the run/tow, directional, or pedal. must be in the solenoid (out) blue wire

check to make sure that the blue wire has a good connection, if it does, i would say it the solenoid


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So there should be 36 volts at the blue wire with which switches in what position?... Key on? Tow switch which way?
forward or reverse? pedal pushed down?

Is the voltage coming from the controller to the solinoid or solinoid to the controller?
Thanks man!!


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I checked out the blue wire and it looks to be in great condition.
I checked voltage to it and there is 36 volts with the switch in the "run" position...when I depress the throttle pedal the cart moves about 2 inches then stops and then there is no voltage to the blue wire.
Then I tried switching the switch from run to tow and back to run and theres 36 volts again, the cart move about 2 inches and quits again.


I'd say you either have a bad solenoid or bad controller if ALL your other connections are good, clean and tight...


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I guess I start with the solinoid since its the cheapest of the two parts.
Thanks for your advise!