EZGO with Lift Kit is Controller Upgrade Needed


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I have a 93 EZGO Marathon that will be used on the ranch to work. Im wanting to put a lift and 22" tires, also needing to increase torque a lot (at the moment it wont pull a wet noodle out of a bowl) speed is not a concern it currently runs 15mph or so.

First question is what lift? Second is a controller upgrade needed and 4 gauge wire or EMP motor?

What controller Alltrax? I've heard good things about the GE 500amp controllers any experience with these?

Any suggestions would be welcomed.


For the lift I'd recommend anything from All Sports Manufacturing.

It would be cheaper to go with the EMP motor but I would still upgrade ALL cables to 4 gauge or better and Heavy Duty buss bars in the forward and reverse switch.

The Alltrax 4845 is only 400 amps. I'd go with a 4855 or 4865 if your looking for torque. GE makes a very good controller...

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I also have a 93 Marathon that is used on the farm. After having a lack of torque problem, I upgraded my cables to 1/0 using stock controller and motor. I have sufficient torque to haul 10 50lb bags of feed to my cows at one time. I also pull small trailers with it as well.

However, I have been pondering the EMP (just for kicks and giggles).
Let me know how it works out for you.

One last thing.....Be sure to test your batteries. Make sure they are good and that you are getting a full charge


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Need some help, I have a 93 Marathon, I am looking to purchasing a lift which are few and far for this model. I can get BU econo 4"lift but I was looking for a axle lift for clearance. Jakes has a 4" lift #6201 for 1989-1994 elec Marathons. After looking at the diagram and instuctions which are on their web site Im puzzled. It seems to me that after installing this lift you would still have the tie rod (connecting rod from the left spindle to the right spindle) hanging below the axle. Even though the lift comes with a steering riser to raise the steering arm I dont see how its raising the tie rod. Is there something Im missing???? If the tie rod remains at the same place then I might as well go with a cheaper block lift. Need some experienced help.