EZGO Valve Adjustment


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I adjusted the valves on my EZGO like I did on an old chevy I had way back by putting the feeler gauge on the top of the valve stem as made the adjustment. That was normal for a car of its day. Needless to say it ran worse so tonight I'm reviewing Cartaholics and see that the feeler gauge should have been on the cam lobe instead. It's to late tonight to go back at it but could someone tell me if that would make my valve adjustment off? Or would it end up the same?


Cartaholic - V.I.P.
The reason EZGO wants you to adjust the valves at the cam lobe is you'll get a better feel of the drag on the feeler gauge. The springs are weak and by the time you feel the drag the valve stem its already wanting to open the valve. I would reset the valves and check the compression with both plugs out and the throttle all the way open.
These EZGO engines will not run right if there over full on the oil, (no more than 1.5qts). Post the numbers on the compression test and we can get a better idea of what is going on.