EZGO TXT-We've replaced just about everything, and it still won't go!


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2001 EZGO TXT 36 volt cart. Bought used, have had intermittent issues and have replaced Fwd/Rev switch, and Solenoid, which fixed problems temporarily.

This time, it's completely dead.
We do get a clicking solenoid, and it checks good with multimeter. Solenoid resistor checks good
Each battery tests above 6 v individually, plus the bank tests 37 volts.
We did the "12 volt test" on the motor and it runs
Ignition appears to be working

We first thought the problem was the throttle sensor, replaced it, still nothing.
Replaced several of the 4 ga wires to the motor and batteries just in case those were bad or previously damaged. Still nothing.
Finally spent the $300 + to replace the speed controller, assuming that had to be it, and still nothing.

We are running out of things to check or replace!

We've been all over this thing with the multimeter. We have continuity from the speed controller to the ignition and throttle.

We've watched a million you tube videos, studied the wiring schematics, etc. Can't find anything that points to a problem. We did run into one tutorial that suggested checking the motor for internal shorts by touching meter neg to the frame, and supposedly it should be zero. We read 9-10 pos volts. BUT even though that test supposedly suggests the motor is bad, when we test the motor with jumper cables (Pos battery to A2, Negative to S1) the motor turns the wheels.

So with all these new parts, good batteries, etc, what else is there to check???

Anybody have any ideas?


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2007 txt same identical process and problem… if anyone has any ideas it would be greatly appreciated!…


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One local shop said to replace all the leads to the motor.. not one or two… could be internal damage to the leads from heat under load.


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I replaced all the motor leads and still clicking solenoid and no movement… forward or reverse… ??..


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In neutral F/R switch has pack voltage on A…
In Forward F/R switch has pick voltage on A….
In Reverse F/R switch has pack voltage on A,B,C,D….??… does that mean anything to anyone??…..
Man, we are battling the same issue with the same age TXT! I just took the multimeter and went from the batteries through the plug box to the switch to the small black boxes. There is power all the way through this channel. Where I lose power is from the second black box that has the reverse buzzer on it to the controller. I can’t check inside the controller for power… Also, I have power from the solenoid to the motor, but no power from the controller to the motor. I have a new motor and all new cables to it and all new battery cables, as well. Therefore, I suspect the controller, but you replaced yours. So, the black box that controls the reverse might be the culprit? What is that called?


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Gadzooks, I am having the same problem. I have replaced the F/R switch (mine is on the dash), ignition switch, micro-switch on the foot pedal, the solenoid, new batteries, and almost everything in the messages above. I am ready to start over from the beginning, one step at a time, if someone could give a good logical guide as to how to go about it.
ALL information and suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

2006 TXT 36 volt
I just had a long conversation with a a local golf cart repair shop service manager. He couldn’t come up with a solution with me over the phone-1 hour- so he sent me a service manual. I will try to attach it here.

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We have a group here that is in nearly the same predicament. I have new hope that we can do this! My spot now is checking the resistance between F1 and motor case. I have a digital VOM that says I have low ohms but, I think that test is supposed to use a megger. I remember something about a digital VOM does not have the proper impedance.


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Mega meter is fine if you have one and ohm meter if it shows anything then the motor is bad


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I had the same issues. I even replaced the forward / reverse controller.....turned out the forward reverse controller had a "sweet spot". didn't know that until I installed a battery meter in the dash. Now I know exactly when the contact is good - the meter gets power. Runs like a clock now!

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I bought a new motor from D&D. Upgraded motor for lager tires and back seat. The new motor has a different wire colors and an automotive connector for the speed sensor. Now I'm hunting for wire color crossover docs.