EZGO TXT Speed Upgrade


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I just bought a 2005 TXT..ser# L1005. I will be working a 10hr shift using my cart on the Airport and I was wondering if I'm missing any specific speed upgrade I should worry about. All flat driving on pavement.
-Had to add a stereo system with Sat radio.....it just makes the night go by so much faster with tunes.
-Halogen headlights
-36v-12v reducer to run all the stuff.
-2ga stereo non oxygen copper wire...not sure about this but my buddy used to own a car audio shop and says if 4ga is good this is way better
-heavy duty rear springs for our tools and case of oil we cart around.
- rear bed
- Strobe...have to have a beacon up top

I was wondering if I missed anything. Also I read in these forums that there my be a speed chip upgrade?
It's not a PDS so can I get a chip upgrade?

Thanks for the help you guys provide to everyone in these forums. A lot of great info here and I appreciate it. :)

Like he said, the speed chip is only for the PDS carts!! So in other words I think you just about covered everything you could do with your cart!


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Before the bed was installed and the heavy duty rear springs. Headliner with a dome light from an Infinity Q something...Pick-n-Pull is your friend
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Now some questions maybe you guys can help with? 36V is not fast enough. Add to that the fact that my radio dies when I turn on the lights and becon, I'm soon ready to up this thing to 48v.
Like I said before it's a 05 Txt. Not sure if that is series or marathon? It has a controller and a solenoid.
Batteries are easy...6 8 volt trojans. I was told from a cart dealer that he has a cart with a stock motor they bumped to72 volts just by battery swaps and that the stock motor would be ok...Not sure about this one....but I need a new controller(knew that but not which one) and a heavy duty solonoid.

Any thoughts?