EZGO TXT Solenoid

Yosemite Sam

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Hey Guys,

My EZGO TXT has quit moving...I can hear the solenoid hitting when I hit the pedal but nogo. Here is where I'm confused. I have 37.4 volts on both sides of my solenoid at all times except "key off". I'm trying to pull up wiring diagrams on this sight, but something has gone goofy...probably me. Thanks if ya'll can point me in a direction...I'm kind of leaning towards a controller


What year is your EZGO? Is it a series, DCS or PDS model? I'm in the process of upgrading the forum and the wiring diagrams should all be back online now. You can check for the EZGO wiring diagram you need at these links.

Patrick L

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If you're talking about full voltage across the heavy terminals, you will. Remove the resistor and you should see voltage only on the battery side.

Patrick L

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I just meant to remove the resistor from outboard side of the solenoid and check the voltage. The resistor allows voltage thru it when installed so full voltage will be on both terminals, its like a jumper wire across the terminals.