EZGo TXT Shuttle - Driver Brake Lever Not Moving


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We recently purchased a 2003 EZGo TXT Shuttle which is built differently than most of the TXTs. It has hydraulic brakes that work when you press the brake pedal, a parking brake with manual brake cables that go to the brakes, and a 5 lug wheel system. Which... basically makes finding parts a nightmare!

The brakes were working poorly so the seller suggested we bleed the lines. When we got under it, we saw that the brake lever on the driver's side (pulled by the hydraulic brake) wasn't moving when we pushed the pedal. The passenger side lever was moving but the brake shoes were totally shot. Fine, we thought, so we ordered new brake shoes and attempted to order new brake cables, not thinking about the fact that the hydraulic brake system was the part that should be activated when we push the pedal. Every part has to be ordered through EZGo because it's so random that Amazon doesn't have them, they only have the standard brake/wheel sizes. Someone suggested that we just convert the cart to the standard 4 lug tire and manual brake cables.

We are really handy at fixing things, but need direction on this one.

1. Should we try to convert the brakes to mechanical and just use the cables? Is that even possible?
2. Why would hydraulic brakes work on one side to move the brake lever but not the other? The brake lever can be moved manually and is not rusted or otherwise frozen up. The brake fluid is full.

At this point, we just need it to be operational for the summer. I ordered the correct brake shoes from EZGo and they will be here tomorrow.

Thank you so, so much for reading! If anyone does Facetime consults for pay, we would be happy to do that!

Patrick L

Not familiar with the Shuttle, but,,

How are the wheel brakes actuated ? Is there a master cylinder and 2 slave cylinders ? If so, I assume there is a hard line from master to each slave. Look for damage/pinch in the offending line to the cylinder. Or that cylinder could be frozen and in need of repair/replacement.