EZGO TXT PDS Electric Golf Cart Motor Hot


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After playing a round of golf on my 2002 EZGO TXT PDS electric golf cart I noticed the motor was very hot to the touch. I have brand new batteries and everything is tight. I was just wondering how hot is normal?


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If you do a lot of low speed work with your EZGO PDS golf cart the conroller and motor will get hot. The stock controller has a thermal shut down feature which either slows or stops the cart when things get too hot.


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You would need to know how the PDS controller is configured. The EZGO PDS system includes regenerative braking which is referred to as a motor brake. To my way of thinking regen will run hotter than no-regen. The controller is configurable for more or less regen. To configure it for high speed will be less regen so a cooler motor should result. Being in Florida where it is essentially flat regen is of no value because I don't coast very long, however in a hilly area the regen may help and you may not do as well with the high speed setup due to less torque needed for climbing. Anyway I'm also a new cart owner and I selected the EZGO because I can simply set up the controller myself, not so much with club car where the controller can only be set up by a dealer. Anyway EZGO calls it changing the chip, but it looks like a jumper that changes resistance. Never forget that research is 3 sources of info, this is just one! I learn more when I listen, so let's hear it. rj


You have 4 settings or chips that can change the regen effect.
Speed chip = 18MPH
All Terrain = 16 MPH or so very little regen but will cut out at top end and coast until you come back down to speed limit of chip.
Steep hill = 12 MPH Lot of regen effect best setting to make the batteries last on one charge for a few days of riding.
Mild Hill = 12 MPH not as much regen effect as the steep hill but it helps on the charge.
I sell a harness that gives you all 4 settings. With a flip of a few switches you can pick the setting you need at the time.


The higher speed means higher RPM so it may be a wash on the heat factor. Another thing is at any setting on a EZGO PDS golf cart the torque does not change. :hattip: