EZGO TXT Electric Golf Cart Suddenly Lost Power


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My parents 99 EZGO TXT electric golf cart was working normally until Wednesday but suddenly has lost power. Batteries fully charged by battery charger wed afternoon, cart driven ~1/2 mile when I braked hard to stop at destination - probably with left foot, perhaps with right foot still on accelerator (habit from old car that idled poorly and needed some gas when idling at stop). an hour or so later, trying to return, cart wont go. i brought cart back to their home, and did some testing - 35V thru the 6 batteries from batt terminals, same from charging connectors, 5 batts @ 6V, 1 @ 5V. batt fluid levels fine, have to get hydrometer to test pH. lights come on bright, and reverse whistle is loud. when i put on charger, it wouldnt kick in to charge, i'm guessing it reads that there is no need for charge. put cart on blocks, and ran forward and reverse - there is just a little push/pull from motor that isnt any stronger than my arm, along with some stutter/click that's not very loud from the area of the motor (electric vehicle power systems 73124G02). voltage drops from 35 to ~20 quickly after accelerator is pressed, and stays there, and doesn't vary by pedal position. checking voltage at different places on the controller (curtis pmc 2584G03) gives the same 35V or ~20V reading. should it be different on either side of the solenoid or at the forward or reverse outputs to the motor according to how far the pedal is pressed?

cable connections look clean at batteries - were covered with anti-rust coating, a bit dirtier at the switch board which probably hasnt been uncovered in years. the controller looks clean and sparkly when cover removed.

i'm going to clean up all the cable connectors and recoat. do these symptoms point to anything? one post i read talked about the solenoid "clicking" - which i dont hear @ the controller / switch .. and another about a microswitch @ the pedal - which i dont see on this cart.

thanks for your help


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It sounds like the stuttering problem is either bad batteries, bad cable(s) or bad/dirtyconnection. 35 volts is dead and will cause the stuttering but the charger should turn on unless voltage is below 28 volts. Check all your cable connections and connections for the charger.