EZGO TXT Electric Golf Cart Need More Speed


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I have a 2008 EZGO TXT 36 volt golf cart and need to get more speed out of it. I'm new at these things but I have already pulled my plastics to get custom painted and I have a 5" lift waiting to be installed. I've done some lights an sound but this little cart is the slowest on the block. What can I do to hit 20 mph with this thing? motor, controller, wiring, how far do I have to go or should I say how deep do I need to dig in my pockets?


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The general rules for increasing speed/torque on a series cart are: Replace the stock cable pack, (all 13) with 4 or 2 guage wires. Replace the F&R swich with a heavy duty unit. Replace the controller with a heavy duty unit.
Larger, (taller) tires will increase your top speed, but it will also reduce the torque. That means take offs will be slower and hills, of any size, may be a challenge.
Hope this helps

PS I say all this with the assumption your batteries are new or at least holding top charge and properly maintained.