EZGO TXT Electric Golf Cart Motor Runs But Won't Move


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We have a 2000 EZGO TXT electric golf cart. We were using it to pull a small trailer with some limbs and brush on it. Now it won't move forward or in reverse, the motor runs but its not transfering power and isn't moving. Kinda like a car thats clutch is gone in. I need help figureing out what part I need. Can anyone help me or point me to a diagram that show the parts?


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One of your wheel hubs is stripped out. Raise the cart up, release the brake and turn the rear wheels. You will feel the stripped one, it'll probably have a wobble to it. Welcome to the forum. :hattip:


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Buying a factory replacement hub is money well spent, most of the aftermarket hub/drums are poor quality :twocents:


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That is what has happened to me. K200 model. Can I use a cheaper hub? Do I just need to replace the hub?


I think I'd rather have a new OEM EZGO hub. The only time I've seen the factory hubs strip is if the castle nuts wasn't tight enough or the splines on the axle were bad.