EZGO TXT Electric Golf Cart Intermittently Runs


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My 98 EZGO TXT electric golf cart intermittently runs. Has been this way for several years. Replaced my solenoid last year and the problem persist. Last week it just quit running altogether. Someone said it could be the ITS so I replaced that. Still nothing. I was testing the system today and the only thing I could get it to do was - the solenoid would "click" when the peddle was pressed. No movement in any direction. I tried jumping the solenoid by connecting the two big post and pressing the peddle and again nothing. Now here's the strange part, I then happened to check the voltage between the B+ and M post on the controller and pressed the peddle and it started to moving.... I then put the seat back in and took a ride for about a half mile. It still works. Any idea what I did? Does that reflect the controller is bad? Any advice would be helpful. Been trying to resolve this problem for while.


Is your EZGO a DCS or series golf cart? Check the connections on the small wiring connector on the controller. Welcome to Cartaholics.