EZGO TXT Brakes Engage Without Touching the Brake Pedal

2007 EZGO TXT 36 volt. New batteries. New brakes and brake cables. While driving slow or fast the brakes automatically engage without touching the brake pedal. Is my problem the brakes or the electric motor? Any guidance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks


When the brakes lock up does the brake pedal move? Is this a PDS or series EZGO? Welcome to Cartaholics Golf Cart Forum. :hattip:

Patrick L

Did it have this problem before replacing the brakes and cables ? Are the shoes installed and adjusted correctly ? The end of the shoes chamfered ?
After trial and error and research I solved my problem. I read about “axle twist”. The bolts that hold the leaf springs to the axle had loosened over time and was making my axle twist occasionally thus locking the brakes up. I torqued down both sides and solved the issue.