EZGO TXT Backfires


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I had posted some time ago that my 2003 EZGO TXT was so cold natured it was nearly impossible go get going. This was a newly re-furbished cart so dealer replace the carburetor at no charge.

Now we can get the golf cart going (with a lot of choking) but it backfires often. We were recently in Myrtle Beach browsing at Graham's Golf Cars (some drop-dead beautiful carts there-all electric EZ GO) and wife wants me to sell the gas car and get an electric.

My '99 TXT 4 stroke runs like a champ but this 2003 has been a problem from the get-go.

Any ideas what is now causing the back firing?


I'd start with checking the valve lash. There's instructions in the EZGO resource forum with pictures for adjusting the valves on a EZGO if you need them.