EzGo TXT 1994 Electric Golf Cart Pulsates


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Our golf cart only pulsates when putting in forward or reverse. Any ideas? Batteries all test 6 volts plus, changed the solenoid and changed all the battery cables and cleaned the other contacts. Thank you for any help.


You have a voltage problem, How old are the batteries? 32 volts is the minimum for the cart to run correctly, i would suspect bad batteries or the charger is not fully charging them.


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We replaced two of the batteries last year and the other ones are about 3 years old. We charge it until the light stays solid green and it says it’s 36 when we do multi meter. When I check each one they are 6.

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Replacing only some of the batteries will reduce the life of the entire pack as it creates a charging imbalance. You'll need to replace all 6 batteries, as already stated your voltage is way too low.