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EZGO Throttle Pot Box Potentiometer Testing Procedure


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EZGO Throttle Pot Box Testing Procedure - How To Test a PB6 EZGO Potbox

EZGO Throttle Pot Box Testing Procedure.

Throttle Pot Box Testing:

Take the two small wires off the controller on pin 2 and 3 and connect your ohm meter to the wires. With no throttle applied you should get a reading of 0 ohms. Slowly press the throttle pedal and the meter should smoothly go to 5000-5500 ohms maximum at full throttle.

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Can someone post a picture or sketch of the 3 wire. The pot on my cart has 2 terminals on one end close together and the 3rd on the other end. Which terminal is number 1. I have several questions. Which of the three terminal has voltage and how much voltage. I will post additions questions if these are answered. Thank you and appreciate all responses.


The only test I know on the PB6 is the one described in the resource. You may get more answers if you post your question in the EZGO Repair section of the forum. Welcome to the forum. :hattip: