EZGO Takes Off As Soon As Key Is Turned On


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My cart has developed a problem and I have no idea. Any Help?

When I turn the key on the cart takes of, in forward or reverse it acts the same way.

Appreciate any help.




Ok you have a fleet/series cart.

I'd start with test the ITS (inductive throttle sensor) which is located under the floor mat in a box on the drivers side of the cart.

To test the ITS jack the rear of the cart up and put it on jack stands. With the key on and the cart in either forward or reverse put the ground of your meter on the battery pack negative, slowly push the accelerator and on the small black wire at controller you should have 13-15 volts at activation, on small white wire you should have .5 volts at activation to 1.5 volts at full throttle. Test the black wire with it plugged in and unplugged.

Do the test and let us know the results and we'll go from there...


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Upon your advise I looked in the box you detailed and found the micro switch had fallen apart.
Went to a local shop, purchased a new one and now it works great.

Thanks for your advice and this fourm.

Best Regards,

Glen Quigley
Newbury, Ohio


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Wow! That was just too easy, good work HRC!