EZGO ST480 Dipstick Length

Wayne J

New Member
Recently acquired a 2003 EZGO ST480 with the 16 HP Briggs Vanguard. Changed the oil today and added 1 quart like the manual says. Ran it for 30 seconds or so. Let it set for a couple of minutes or so per the manual. Checked the level with the dipstick. Waaaay over full. Anyhow added another half quart and stopped. I think I may have an incorrect dipstick. Here is a pic of mine. Anybody have one to compare?


Cartaholic - V.I.P.
All the horizontal Briggs vanguards from 16 to 23hp take 1.75 qts with a new filter and no oil cooler, my guess is somebody may have shortened the dip stick tube or changed the mounting location of the tube. I would just remark the full level on the stick:twocents: