I had a chance to test drive a new 2008 EZGO RXV over the weekend and figured I'd write a review on it. The price for the cart was $6100. The top speed was 24 MPH but it took a while to reach top speed. I expected a lot more torque from the AC drive system. The controller is programmable by EZGO dealers with a hand held scanner so maybe the torque can be bumped up. The ride was harsh to say the least. You can feel every bump in the road. The suspension looked cheap in my opinion and the ride confirmed this. I was expecting a nice smooth ride with the new suspension set up on the E-Z-GO RXV but it rode like a tank. In my opinion the RXV is flat out ugly. It looks worse in person than it does in the pictures. The dash is ugly so it matches the cart very nicely lol. The factory lights are also very ugly, so at least E-Z-GO made sure they matched the rest of the cart. To me everything on the EZGO RXV looked cheap and not very appealing to the eye. I'm not bashing the EZGO RXV and I have always preferred EZGO golf carts over the other brands but the EZGO RXV falls short of my expectations on looks, ride, torque, noise and build quality. I also test drove two new electric EZGO Sports priced at $5500 and they rode like a Cadillac compared to the RXV.


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Very good write up. I saw my first RXV awhile ago at the Pebble Beach G&CC. I am intrigued with the AC power and I think it has some real promise for the future. I have similar thoughts about the dash, front-end and overall appearance, cheap looking and ugly.