EZGO RXV Golf Cart Opinions


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I'm considering buying a 2012 EZGO RXV golf cart in beautiful mechanical and physical condition. As I'm mostly inexperienced with other newer models, what do other RXV owners think of this year/model? I'm looking for opinions on the EZGO RXV before purchasing this golf cart.

We currently have an ancient Club Car 48v cart with 2016 batteries. It does have other issues that I'm tired of troubleshooting. We live in a small Texas coastal community where a golf cart is the main mode of transportation. The humid salt air is tuff on these carts, so steady maintenance is a must.

Thanks for any and all opinions, Steve


Club car uses a aluminum frame and ezgo uses steel. The salty climate would tend to eat the frame of the ezgo. that would be the only thing I would factor in.