EZGO RXV Gas Engine Kawasaki FJ400D Model Number Help

Hello to everyone. Continuing on my winter rebuild project of reassembling 4 2009 gas EZGO RXV golf carts with the Kawasaki FJ400D engines I purchased in November. I need some help figuring out what model number the Kawasaki FJ400D engine is in an EZGO RXV Golf Cart. I need to order some parts to rebuild a couple of engines and the Kawasaki tag did not specify what model number the engine is. Repair clinic lists 4 different model numbers of engines for the FJ400D, they are AS04, BS04, CS04 and DS04. the information I have from the engine tag I have from the fan shroud is as follows. Family I.D. KAXS. 4012CC at the bottom of the sticker is the following information e1397/68SN4G22002/88025101 Engine Family; KAXS. 401N4CD. Thanks in advance for the help.


They used those engine for many different applications, I deal with golf cart venders when ordering those engine parts. Never had good luck ordering from the small engine warehouse places.