EZGO RXV Brakes Locked Up and Not Moving


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I have an EZGO RXV with Danaher controller. My golf cart was working normally until suddenly I received an empty battery warning light. Seeing that, I put it to charge. I waited for it to charge completely. After recharging them I tried to turn on the golf cart. But, when I turn the keys to put it into Reverse/Neutral/Forward mode the battery meter still shows the charge as empty (also the empty battery light is on). Checking the battery voltage with a voltmeter seems to indicate that they are at the right voltage (50.4 Volts). Also, when I put the cart in tow mode and try to push it, it doesn't move (tried this with the key in OFF/Reverse/Neutral/Forward position). So, it seem's the brakes are seemed to be locked up. The only thing that is working is when we put the key in reverse position, the reverse siren can be heard. Another strange thing that I found while trying to diagnose this problem was that, there is a wire that comes out of the controller that serves as ground to throttle pedal, brake pedal, motor sensor and temperature sensor. In the EZGO RXV troubleshooting guide (Ezgo RXV Danaher Codes T-Shoot Guide-2), it is marked as 5V ground (Page 4 of the document, Wire from Pin 4 of the controller, this wire serves as ground to 0-5V sensors). In theory this should be at the same voltage as the battery ground i.e. this wire and battery shouldn't have any voltage potential across them. But, currently this ground wire is at +6.5V as compared to the battery ground terminal. Any help in troubleshooting the problem will be highly appreciated. Thank you!


It sounds like the motor brake is bad but you may have other problems also. What year is your EZGO RXV? You may need to have it scanned by an EZGO dealer or someone who has a scanner to figure out what the problem is. Welcome to Cartaholics.