EZGO Runs Good In Reverse But Sputters and Backfires In Forward


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my ezgo is a 93 model, not sure what year the motor is or brand.
my problem is it runs good in reverse, but fowards it spits and sputters and backfires, any help would be great.
new to the world of golf carts.


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ok 1st thing do a compression test.....if compression is good than check your crank seals...........jack the rear up and with cart running spray carb cleaner right on the rear crank seal if engine rpms change than seal is going bad and if the rear is going change the front also..............theres a good chance you,ll find something between both of these suggestions but if not post back we,ll go from there.............................


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was it always this way? bad crank seals would be a problem in either direction, could just be a timing issue.
the compression test is aways step one


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I had an Ezgo 2 stroke that would go like hell in reverse and would go a short time in forward but then needed the choke and didn't run all that well then. When it would bog down in forward I would start it in reverse and it would go good. Clean the carb I was told. Well, I did and it did fix it. Don't ask me why. I could never figure it out. If you do clean the carb, it is important to use compressed air. I don't know if it will help you, but it worked for me. :twocents:


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for some reason they don,t reqire as much to run in reverse, it could be any # of things that would make it act this way like a dirty carb, timing, low compression seal going bad..........in a lot of cases you,ll see the signs in forward not reverse at 1st but as time goes by and driving it will eventually act up both directions if it dosn,t quit running 1st.