EZGO Reed Switch


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I was given a 2003 EZGO golf cart this weekend. I fixed the wiring and the battery charger plug is disassembled. What is the reed switch used for? I've read here on Cartaholics Golf Cart Forum that you can bypass it. Is the bypass a permanent fix for something? Also where would I get the parts to fix the plug.


The reed switch is really just a safety feature to prevent the golf cart from operating while the charger is plugged in. You can bypass it and it won't cause any problems at all. Just make sure you unplug the charger before riding. Buggies Unlimited has all the parts for the charger receptacle. Or you can get the parts at any EZGO dealer.
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HRC is correct. Mine has been bypassed for over 2 years now with no ill effects. When I charge my cart I pass the cord through the steering wheel to remind me it is still plugged in. Good idea