Ezgo PDS Not working

We replaced batteries months ago before problem started. A few weeks ago we starting having problems with speed suddendly dropping then after a few mintues it would pick back up to regular speed. So we replaced the silinoid, it seemed to make the problem go away until yesterday it just stopped working. Here are the things we can confirm that we have tried off other forms.
There is a clicking when you press pedal
The charger does comes on and it seems to be taking charge
The voltage read 5 at B+ and M- and then when pedal was pressed down it dropped to zero
Headlights come on and it makes reverse sound
When we try diagnostic it will make the confirming beep but nothing after that
It is model TXTPDS
Date code D2204
Serial 2152442

We are unfamiliar with working on golf carts but very handy with fixing motors and such.
Golf cart place nearby wants to charge high price just to take a look, trying to see if we can hopefully fix ourselves or at least narrow down problem, to figure cost of fixing and if it's worth it.


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Whats your total battery pack voltage? Are ALL your cables clean and tight?

There's a EZGO PDS troubleshooting guide in the EZGO Resource section of the forum. I'd run through the tests in the guide and you should be able to find the problem.


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Check ALL your battery connections. If any of them seem loose, have green corrosion, ior look coroded replace them. Check espec ially where the wire is crimped in the connector end. Good luck!