EZGO PDS Golf Cart Speed Chip/Plug and Other Mods


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Just purchased my first golf cart, a 2006 EZGO PDS and am having a blast with it, and with learning about how it works, and what mods can be done. My first project was to install the speed chip/plug. It is used primarily for golf. After reading the wealth of info on Cartaholics Golf Cart Forum I decided to install a switch to toggle between the speed setting and the mild terrain setting. I cut the small loop and soldered wire leads to it and installed a switch. Now it can has a mode for me and a mode for the kids. (The switch is under the seat, so switching it and the Run/Tow switch can be in proper sequence) Thanks for all of the great info. I have other mods planned such as a state of charge meter and some bolt on accessories.


Welcome to the forum and congrats on the new cart. Feel free to post some pics and thanks for the compliment on the forum. :cool:


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I did the same thing with a toggle switch on my speed chip before changing out the controller and solenoid. Enjoy! I now have the Alltrax 400 amp and performance solenoid.