EZGO PDS Golf Cart Runs Then Stops

James B

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I have a 2002 EZGO PDS 36 volt golf cart. It has been lifted 6 inches, big wheels and tires etc. I use it in a gated community no major off roading. I have a problem that keeps happening and it is getting frustrating the golf cart runs then stops. When the golf cart stops running it beeps. All the batteries are new and fully charged, all cables are good and tight all other connections and terminals I can find are good and tight. The problem is I can take off and be driving and it it will be going just fine and it will just stop like you turned off the switch. I can let off the gas pedal and hit it again and it will take off. It might go 100 yards and do it again or it might go a few miles. It is intermittent as to when it will happen or how far it will go before it runs and stops again. Any suggestions?


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It sounds like the solenoid is dropping out. The beeps are trouble codes, what is the sequence of the beeps? You can also put the PDS cart in diagnostic mode and drive it until you get the trouble code beeps and it may tell you what the problem is. There's instructions on diagnostic mode and the trouble code definitions in the EZGO resource section on the forum. Let us know which code(s) you get and we'll go from there.