EZGO PDS Golf Cart Runs In Reverse But Nothing In Forward


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I have a 2001 EZGO golf cart with the PDS system and the golf cart runs in reverse but nothing in forward.
When switch is put to forward you can hear the solinoid click and then almost right away clicks again as so it has lost contact. The batteries have 37.8 volts and cant find any wires shorting out or any breaks in any wires.

Please help any suggestions will be much appreciated.


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Welcome to the forum. Sounds like a bad controller. One of the electric guys will be along shortly. :hattip:


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On the controller cover it tells you how to troubleshoot the golf cart in diagnostic mode. Follow the directions, by counting the beep code, let us know what you get. EZGO PDS golf carts cart have diagnostic codes to point you in the right direction. :twocents:


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It sounds like a controller but I would check two things first. Jack the rear of your cart up and leave it in run mode. Using a volt meter make sure your solenoid is engaging with switch in forward and key on. You can do this by checking continuity between two large post when depressing throttle. Second check would be the toggle f/r switch. You should have three wires going to controller from switch. One is forward, one is common, and one is reverse. Without looking at a schematic I do not know which one is which. But you should see continuity between two in reverse, and two in forward, if not check spade connectors on back of switch. If both of these test okay then it is time for a controller upgrade! good luck