EZGO PDS Curtis 1206MX Controller Repair


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During recent service my EZGO PDS golf cart got mis-wired resulting in damage. After troubleshooting I identified that two components on the Curtis 1206MX Controller Board burned up. I can do the 1206MX controller repair if I identify the components so I can buy suitable replacements. My problem is that the damage burned off the IC markings and color bands on the resistor.

If you have a Curtis 1206MX controller laying around could you please let me know what the markings are on the IC Q3 and the nearby resistor. Thank you!


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I can help you out with the IC but not the resistor as I need the same info on the resistor. The resistor burnt upo on mine but not the IC. I see you had this problem about 3 years ago, If you see this post let me know what you found out.