EZGO PDS Batteries Draining Constantly


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I have a 04 EZGO PDS and the batteries will last anywhere from 27 holes to 9. Figured that something was draining constantly. Noticed that when I cleaned a battery cable when putting the cable back on the post that it sparked. No electrical genius here, but shouldn't spark with just the cable to the battery post? Also, put distilled water in batteries about 3 weeks ago, checked again, and most cells were about half filled. Something is cooking the batteries constantly is my guess, need to find out what it is.

Please help, need cart cause I play a lot of golf and can't walk up all of these hills. Could, just don't want to.


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Was the run tow switch in the tow position. Make sure you alway have the switch in the tow position when working on the electrical system or towing the cart. A small spark is normal, it's the controller energizing. A spark can also blow your controller so make sure you have the switch in the tow position...

As fas as the batteries go have you checked them with a digital volt meter? I would start there. Check them right after a charge and check them again when you notice the cart slowing down and post your numbers here...


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Batteries don't lose water from being used, they lose water from being charged, or through evaporation. How often are you charging this cart, and, with what brand of charger?