EZGO or Club Car opinions


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I'm going to post this on the Club Car and EZGO side for opinions on both sides.

I have a '95 EZGO that I use on my deer lease. It doesn't have near the torque that I need so, here's my problem. Do I spend $1200 or so on a motor and controller or do I put that money toward a newer, maybe '03-'04 48V Club Car. I am not very knowledgeable about carts but I would think that a 48 volts would have to be quite a bit more power than a 36 volts. There are tons of golf cart dealers around me, the Club Car dealers tell me that the 48 volt Club Car is stronger hands down while the EZGO dealers tell me just the opposite that a 36 volt EZGO is just as strong as a 48 volt Club Car. The cart that I have now is not lifted but whatever I decide to go with will be lifted with bigger tires.

Give me some opinions!



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I have a 95 ezgo...6" lift, 22" tires, stock motor and controller. I upgraded all my cable to 1/0 welding cables, installed new batteries ( mine were 5 yrs old) and I have more torque than I can stand. Its used on the farm for hunting and hauling feed, etc. spinning tire while loaded/unloaded is common place. I also considered the motor upgrade before doing cables. In my research about the motors, I felt like there were more SPEED advantages than TORQUE. I haven't compared my cart to a 48v so I really can't compare the 2 brands or voltage.