EZGO Medalist or Marathon?


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I just purchased a used EZGO golf cart and had a few questions...

1. How can one tell if you have a Medalist or a Marathon?
2. Does anyone know what the REST of the model/serial numbers mean (ie: C0594)?

According to the Buggies Unlimited web site, I have a 1993 Marathon:

However, I've seen conflicting information about my cart.
My Serial number is: 790489
My Model number is: C0594
The serial/model info is stamped *below* the glove box on the passenger side.

Is a 1993 a Marathon and a 1994 a Medalist? Any clarification will be greatly appreciated. I haven't had too much luck with google.


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The info at that site is incomplete. Your cart is a 1994, and could be either a Marathon or a Medalist as 94 was a changeover year and both models were produced. A Medalist will have a single piece seatback and plastic hip restraints as well as grab handles in the plastic roof. It will also have a keyswitch on the dash. Otherwise, it's a Marathon.


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Thanks for clarifying this.

Based on what you've described, I've determined that I have a Marathon.

The hip restraints (side bars?) are aluminum or metal, and seem to be part of the frame. The majority of the entire body seems to be metal. Additionally, the keyswitch is located on the firewall (behind legs) next to the Forward/Reverse lever (as opposed to on the dash).

I've been told by a few folks that when asking for replacement parts, to go with parts for a 1993 EZGO if there is no Marathon/Medalist specification available - does this sound correct?

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There's really no difference in a 93 or 94 Marathon. Your cart is a 94 Marathon and that's all you need to know when ordering parts...