EZGO Marathon With Controller Stopped Moving Solenoid Not Clicking


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1990 Marathon 36 volt stock motor and solenoid and controller.
Backed it out of the garage to clean garage. When I got back on to pull it in, nothing. I have reverse buzzer in rev. I have battery guage at full. I figured since I was planning on replacing the Buss Bars and going to 4ga. wires anyway, to wait and see if that would take care of it. Well, it didn't. When replacing cables I found 2 loose terminals on motor. I took wire off, with a backer wrench, and double nutted the terminal, then tightened the backer nut down. Ran out of time and it got cold. Today I accessed Nate's series wound motor test link. The tires turned fine. I am at a lose as to where to go next! The batteries are fully charged.


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I got to thinking about the solenoid clicking. I thought I heard it click, but it was not a loud click. Just went out and after playing with it a few seconds, I determined I was hearing the switch at the pot box. I put a jumper wire on the two large terminals, turned it on, put in gear, and pressed pedal, it spun the tires in F&R. Did I just find the problem, or is there more to check yet?


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Thank you!


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yep, i,ll have to add to this.............thumper you found your problem......bad solenoid.....................................


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I tend to agree with everyone else but it could also be a bad throttle micro switch that activates the solenoid.
Better late than never......

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