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Hello, I was giving an 92 E-Z go Marathon. It had been used on a ranch in NM and the owner was moving and just giving it away. ( I think he found just was looking for someone to haul it away for him) Anyway After scraping and washing about 100 pounds of sand and dirt away. I have a OLD cart that I know nothing about so I will need a lot of help. 3 of the 6 batterys were dry. I filled them up and charged. for about 12 hours and all are holding 6+ volts for over the past 2 days. Took for the first drive today and it is so slow I could almost walk faster then it would run. Is there an adjustment for the motor or should I look samewere else? This will be just the first of many questions that I will have. I can do most anything with a car but this is all new to me so be kind if I ask some real dumm questions. Thanks


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There's no adjustment on that particular model for speed. If three of the batteries were dry they're more than likely bad. See what the voltage drops to when your driving the cart. The batteries may recover after a few charge cycles.


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OK, I put my meter on the cart and went for a ride. It started out at 37.4 and dropped to 36.8 when i would come to any incline it would drop to around 35.0 then after the incline it would go back up to around the 36.4 area. So I am guessing i need new batterys. I charged the batterys again with the same results. So If I am going the wrong direction let me know.


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I don't want to hijack JTEL's thread but...I just bought a used ezgo electric.. Have no idea what year and can't find a serial # in any of the places it said in resources section. Does anyone know of resource that would show pics of models and years? don't have camera today so can't show pic. It doesn't have the smooth front end. it almost looks like an old packard or something.

Thanks for your help. Us newbies always have to start from scratch lol.