EZGO Marathon Needs More Power


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I am the proud new owner of a 91 EZGO Marathon that doesnt like hills. It seems to run fine on flat ground but will not even pull it's self up onto my tilting trailer. Where do I start?




Is it a 2 or 4 stroke? I thought a 91 would have a 2-stroke. Check the compression on either. If its a 4-stroke check and adjust the valves. Hows the belt look?


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yep, belt and compression first! like bttb says! you will probaby find your propblem in the fisrt 2, we have more suggestions if it isent the first 2, burnt vavles, linkage out of adjustment, and so on? let us know what you come up with


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Belt and Compression are good. I stopped in to my local cart dealer and they had me perform a couple of tests. I took the belt off and the clutch slams closed they said that was bad and I also put the cart against a tree and the belt starts spinning without much force at all and the engine does not bog down at all.