EZGO Marathon My first cart project


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I just picked up a 4 cycle 92 marathon on the cheap. It had a 4" lift on the rear with 20" tires, but that is getting changed.
I have to fix the front bumper area where some kids ran it into a volkswagen and paint it and finish making my lift and wheel adapters. I am going to put 15" 1985 Camaro wheels with 195/55/15 tires on it, the tires are just over 23" tall.
Will 4" lift clear 23" or do I need to go 5-6"?
Also, does anyone know where this nose comes from? I havent seen anymore like it.


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I ditched the camaro wheel idea, and decided on 23-10.50-12s. It is now painted to match my suburban, I dont know why, it just is.
I got the wheels and tires installed, the lift is kinda ghetto right now. I fabbed up a 5.5" lift for the front, but it isnt staying on. I boutght a yamaha blaster that I am going to graft the total IFS with front brakes from.


Your cart turned out very nice...
Keep us posted on the Yamaha Blaster front end.