EZGO Marathon Golf Cart Before and After


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Hello, Thanks for the invite Rod. I read some of the posts, and hope I can contribute to this site. I have a 1990 EZGO Marathon. For the past few winters I have been upgrading it to be something I am not ashamed to drive. Wow is that ever fun! It becomes an addiction! Here's the EZGO Marathon golf cart before and after.


This is what I started with. Yes, those are old Cleveland Browns stadium seats on the back!

After a few trips home for winter storage, this is what it looks like now.
Next will be bucket seats and complete the brush guard and mount the lites on it. Thanks again for the invite HRC.


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Welcome to the forum. You will find tons of information and very helpful members here.

Your cart looks sharp! Sure has came along way. :coolest:


Thumper, Thank you for joining us here and Welcome!!! :)

Your before and after pics are amazing. You did a GREAT job on restoring the EZGO Marathon golf cart. They have always been my favorite cart.


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Thanks Rod, I am in the prosess of down loading some more pictures to photobucket. This takes a while with dial-up. The wife showed my that we have some of the tear down too! I'll be sure to get them posted soon.


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Thanks GCG,this is a part of the R&R


OOPS it's back togather for a trip to the drag strip

then back apart for a rebuild

a little paint



then back on the road

then this fall before minor tear down

That is what I have so far. I hope this didn't stall anyones cp like it did mine :wallbash:


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Those were the wifes idea. She got them at cost, I wonder why :rolleyes: .She likes electric blue and hot pink. And she said to tell you plllllllttttt :p ! lol I could not wait to get rid of those darn things. You know someone bought those at our garage sale? There is no figuring some folks!


That color really looks nice on the Marathon for sure. And those before an after pics should inspire many people. :cool: Its amazing what you can do to these carts no matter what the condition is to start with...