EZGO - Little Sluggish on Hills


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Hoping to receive some advice on what might be the problem with my 2001 EZ GO.

Batteries are 2 years old. (Trojan T105's)

Cart seems just fine on level grades but just a little sluggish going up a grade...

Voltage Readings upon full charge:

1. 6.92
2. 6.94
3. 6.93
4. 6.95
5. 6.92
6. 6.94

Total Voltage Reading - 41.4 Volts

While driving, the voltage does drop down in the 38 range and after several minutes, it will drop down in the 36 range.

With my battery readings where they are, is it possible that my controller and/or motor need replaced or?????

Any help is appreciated.

Thanks so much.



Welcome to the forum.

It's normal for a stock cart to slow down quite a bit on hills. After the next charge drive the cart a hour and then take voltage reading on each battery and check to see if any cables are hot, post your results. Also make sure the batteries don't need water. Check all the cable connections and make sure they're clean and tight.


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Water level is okay and all of my connections are clean and tight.

Raining here today, but will get it out for that hour drive in the next couple of days.

Will post the results.