EZGO ITS Adjustment Inductive Throttle Sensor

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EZGO ITS Adjustment Instructions for adjusting a Inductive Throttle Sensor:


Break the allen screw loose with a 5/64th allen wrench.
Loosen the 1/4" jamnut with a 7/16" open end wrench (hold the slide end with a open end 9/16" wrench).
Back the 1/4" jam nut off several turns.
Adjust the switch cam in or out to make the micro switch click before the the slide tube can enter the ITS upon pedal depression.
With full pedal depression the slide tube must be flush with the end of the ITS (some protrusion is ok).
Once the adjustments are complete tighten the allen screw and jam nut.
Test drive the golf cart and what you should hear is the solenoid click upon pedal depression and as you continue to depress the pedal
the golf cart shouls smoothly take off.
Full power should be felt with the pedal fully depressed.
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