EZGO Header Exhaust


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Well i finished the header exhaust up today on my EZGO and drilled the jet to compensate for the new air intake filter and header pipe. I think i got lucky with the first drilled carb jet too. Fixin to test ride it..
Wow,what a power diffrence for sure little louder than i really wanted but I will get used to it as it does sound real good..

Want to say thanks to HotRodCarts for pointing me in the right direction with a lot of things as usual,
especially the index drilling the jet that I havent done in so long i forgot were to start, haha


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Looks very slick, I like it!

Just hit "RETURN" after each image string and they will cascade.

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Great exhaust / header mods. :cool:
Would love to have a gasser but Ocean Lakes doesn't allow gas powered carts.


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thanks guys..i drove it about 2 miles or so last night and it runs perfect..

pulled the plugs this morning and they are mostly new lookin,still whiteish color.
worried me thinkin i could hurt it if it was to lean but it runs so good its unreal.
my dad says he'd rather have them that way than to rich??what do yall think?

it does run perfect, i just dont want the motor to be to hot or? from the white plugs,
seems to me i should drill the next step bigger and get a little more from it?

in my chiltons manual it shows a perfect plug is brownish in color...what you guys think?

thanks for your input,john

im gonna put a step colder plug in now and go for a 3-4 hr ride this morning to the mud bogs in
the good ole fla swamp..hope i dont hurt nothing..


New plugs can take a few miles before you can get a good reading on them. Another sign of being lean is the new header will turn blue up near the head. A little blue is ok but if you notice it turning blue a foot or more away from the head it's probably to lean. If it runs good your close and should be fine. An engine that's a tad on the lean side will make more HP than a engine thats rich...


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thanks hrc,it is just a tad blue and gold(brass)color to the muffler..i think im gonna stay there
like you say as it runs sweet..goes aroud 30mph and doesnt do bad at all on the hills with 600 or more
lbs in it(me,kid,wife)when im by myself it hesitates about the first 5 foot or so then she starts to rip
for a stock cart..im thinkin i may try the power spring kit for 40-50 bucks and see if it helps my torque
or take off a bit before getting into a new clutch assembly..
after it starts to roll it wants to burn out in the dirt a little..ya think the clutch spring will give more out
of the hole??
i cant complain a bit..thanks for the help also everyone,john

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The clutch spring should give you a little more low end grunt. Basically the stronger spring makes the engine rev a little higher before the clutch engages. You could also try a 1" shorter belt.


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thanks hotrod..i think i will get a shorter belt this week..went on a 3 hr non stop ride today and
had a blast as useuall..it runs so good now with the air flow and header im just amazed at
the power diffrence and i can still cruise at almost a walk or puch it and keep gettin up,haha

red light,green light...john


Let us know how you like the shorter belt. Don't be surprised if you loose a little top speed at first. Once the belt breaks in you'll get it back...


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hot rod,,ive learned my belt is 42 inches long and 1-1/8 wide,the omly belt i can find locally is
41 inches and 1-3/16ths wide..the guy said he would think it would just make it grab better.

what do think as nobody has one an inch shorter and the same width,thanks,john


I've used the 41" x 1 3/16th's. Thats a EZGO 2 stroke belt. It will slow your top end a little until it breaks in. It will make a big difference in your low end torque...


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thank you,,im gonna order it now,should have in a couple days.i will let ya no how it works,thanks


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Hey badtothebone..i got it at cart addictions. I'd seen it at many places for upwards of 150-350 bucks.
so when i saw this price i thought it sounded good to me..

Big diffrence in power on my cart but it makes a little noise,,not that bad tho.has a nice rumbble to it.


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learn something everyday..hope we all do..well hrc the one inch shorter and a 1/16th wider belt is awesome
to say the least..i dont seem to feel much diffrence in the top end,but it is fairly kwik since all the
tinkerin.. and the bottom end torque is great...so great i hope it dosent tear something up..
only say that because i havent got stuck yet but now it will tear up the suger sand when i nail the gas,
..its really running almost too good..when the day ever comes that v twin big block will be like a jet i supose,john