EZGO Has To Sit 12-24 Hours After Use To Run Again


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i have a 5yr old ezgo golf cart that i bought 3 months ago that runs lovely for about 30holes of golf, after charging, the buggy is dead as a dodo., no electric any where but after about 12 to 48 hrs later the electrics come back and all is well for another 30holes of golf charge up again and yet again dead, this happens every time. please could anyone HELP


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Hmmm, Thats a strange one. Is this a PDS or Series system? Do any cables, batteries or anything else get hot while charging or when using the cart. I'd start with checking all your cable connections and make sure they're clean and tight.


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The buggy is a pds 36volt cart charger is a battery charger ind number MGB 3615.4.Ihave been through all the cables cleaned & tightened to no avail. When fully charged the batteries read just over 38 volts but the cart will not run till the batteries have dropped to 37 volts,
the problem i have got is that the buggy is on a golf course in france and there is nobody around to service the cart. i really do not want to bring the cart back to england for repair
many thanks


If the cart runs after the volts drop I would lean toward the controller being the problem. Is it a stock curtis controller?