EZGO Golf Cart Wiring Repairs


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Hi all. A friend asked if I could have a look at his 36 volt EZGO golf cart that was not charging and I'm looking for help with the wiring or a wiring diagram so I can do some repairs.
It has a fiberglass body with the batteries in the middle under the seat and the tow maintenance/ run switch on the passenger side.
When he got it to me all the wiring was pulled apart and looked like it had been spliced here and there.
I determined there were 2 bad batteries and the charger had been bypassed. I repaired the charger and replaced the batteries.
Now I can’t tell which cable goes to the main positive and which goes to the main negative as there are no identifiers on the cable.


What year is the golf cart? Like @Patrick L said there should be a wiring diagram for the EZGO you're working on in the EZGO Resource section of the forum. Welcome to the forum. :hattip: